Let us take you away to mexico!

When we started this project we wanted to remodel the restaurant by giving it a feeling as if you were inside an "Old Hacienda" it has a great ambience come and see for yourself.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Nopalitos Cantina & Grill is founded in 2013 by Owner Alfredo Padilla and Family in Round Rock, TX. His family has two other restaurants on the Island of Oahu, HI.

The flavors in the recipes are typical of the State of Jalisco. All of our recipes are homemade style meals and though your typical mexican family adds the heat (spicyness) to the meal, we must take the heat away for the American consumer but the key is to not take away the flavors from the mexican spices.

We have a great assortment in our Menu. We have the typical Mexican dishes and also a good offering of seafood dishes. In fact most Americans do not know that Mexican Cuisine has a great offering when it comes to seafood. So if you've ever been to Puerto Vallarta or Guadalajara you will know what we mean.

So we invite you to come on out and give us a try.

Our Beautiful Tequila Bar

Come and join us for your favorite drink. Our Tequila Bar is stocked with some of the finest tequilas. Our main specialties are flavored Margaritas and Mexican Beers. However, we carry most popular licors, ingredients and domestic beers so we can make about any drink you would like.

Our Newly Remodeled Outside Patio

If you would rather enjoy your meal and/or drink in the beautiful Texas weather then we have our newly Remodeled and Furnished Outside Patio with seating for 20 patrons.